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Our lawyers bring a unique approach to each and every case. Modern society sees people overwhelmed with a confusing array of regulations, rules and requirements. At Feist Flanagan Law, our team offers specialized services and knowledge to help you traverse that uncertainty. See our areas of expertise and call us with your legal questions today.

Please note: due to capacity concerns, we do not take on every client who seeks our services.  We will provide referrals or lists of other potential lawyers on request.

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Estate Planning

Wills, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives & Adult Guardianship

Although no one likes to think about passing away or their latter years, it is important to ensure you make plans for yourself and your family. We are able to assist you with planning for your estate and making sure your family matters are in order. From drafting and storing your wills, power of attorneys, health care directives, or assisting your applications to assume guardianship of a loved one, we offer years of experience and service. Contact the friendly administrators at our office to set up an appointment or ask a question about our services with respect to estate planning.

Power of Attorney – (POA) is a document that gives another person broad authority over your financial, property, and personal affairs. It allows someone to make decisions regarding bank accounts, finances, and property on your behalf. It is important to ensure that the person to whom you grant a power of attorney is someone you trust.

Health Care Directive – (HCD) outlines your wishes for medical care if you are in a coma, suffering from a terminal illness, injury, or disease and as a result cannot give instructions to a healthcare provider or your family. It can help to take away some of the uncertainty and stress for a family as they deal with an emotionally difficult and demanding time in their lives.

Adult Guardianship (for Dependent Adults) – Adults who do not have the capacity to make decisions may be exploited by others or might endanger their own financial or personal welfare. A co-decision-maker or guardian can be appointed under Saskatchewan legislation.

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Estate Law

Estate Disbursement and Management, With or Without a Will

With a Will – Our lawyers can help you with the administration or probate of a will. We take a client-focused approach to all areas of law, and understand that issues surrounding estates can be particularly emotional for family and friends of a loved one who has recently passed on. If you need help with administering an estate, acting as an executor, or any other aspect of dealing with a loved one’s property after they pass away, contact our office to set up an appointment or ask a question about our services with regard to executing a will.

Without a Will – Dealing with a large estate when a will has not been prepared, or when a number of people are claiming property can be a difficult and confusing task that sometimes causes conflict between family members. We can help you to work through confusing or tough property division issues that may arise after a loved one passes away without a will. Contact the friendly administrators at our office to set up an appointment or ask a question about our services with regard to administering the estate of someone who did not make a will.

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Corporate and Commercial Law

Incorporation, Shareholder Action, Promissory Notes, the Sale of Assets & Businesses, General Contracts & More

From business or non-profit incorporation to shareholder actions, business or asset sales, general contracts & more, Feist Flanagan Law has been advising clients on a variety of corporate and commercial legal matters. Give us a call today and see how we can help you.

Business Incorporation – We assist people in incorporating businesses throughout the province, and can efficiently assist you with incorporating your farm or other business. We help to manage the entire process of incorporating a business, from filing articles of incorporation and registering a corporate name to dealing with the complexities of the legislation governing corporations in Saskatchewan and conducting annual general meetings and the drafting of required documentation. 

Non-Profit Incorporation – Our team has actively worked with a variety of non-profit corporations throughout the province as volunteers, advisors, and board members. We can assist your non-profit organization with the process of incorporation. We can also help to provide information on the ongoing process of maintaining the corporation and dealing with any other legal issues that arise.


Shareholder Action – As a shareholder in a corporation, you may also find yourself in a position where you must take legal action against a corporation for not complying with the articles of incorporation or for other issues which may arise in the course of business. 

Sale of Business – If you own or direct a business in North Battleford or throughout Saskatchewan, we can help you to complete a sale or transfer. Our staff’s experience with real estate, corporate law, and the communities across west-central and northwest Saskatchewan help us to make your sale of a business efficient and well-organized. 

Sale of Goods – If you are looking to sell goods, we can assist you with all aspects of the legal processes and requirements. Our office has handled everything from sales of entire business inventories, to contracts for the sale of heavy machinery and farm equipment. We work to ensure that your sale of goods is conducted properly and in accordance with Saskatchewan law. 

Contracts – In order to make sure a contract is legally enforceable, it is important that the contract is written and executed properly. Our lawyers can help you to write and execute a contract for almost any agreement you want to make. We can also carefully review contracts written by parties to ensure that they will bind parties to their terms. Our office has experience in reviewing, drafting, and executing contracts for businesses, farms, mineral rights agreements, and other arrangements between parties. We can also take time to explain the terms of a contract to you so that you fully understand what you are signing. 

Promissory Notes – A promissory note is a legal instrument where a person promises to pay a certain amount of money after certain conditions are met. Conditions can include a certain period of time passing, or specific circumstances being satisfied. If you wish to write, issue, or execute a promissory note, we can assist you. 


Family Law

We understand that the family unit is complex and ever-changing structure in today's society, and offer a variety of services to accommodate the multitude of family legal needs you may require. Contact our office to set up an appointment or ask a question about our services relating to your familial matters.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements – (“Pre-nups”) have become much more common throughout Canada as marriages and common law partnerships give rise to property division rights in the event that a divorce or separation takes place down the road. A pre-nup gives each party some idea of how property, support, custody, and other issues will be decided in the event that a marriage or common law relationship breaks down. Although we all want to believe our relationships will last forever, a pre-nup recognizes the reality that nearly 50% of first Canadian marriages currently end in divorce. A pre-nuptial agreement can help to make separation or divorce less financially harmful and less traumatic for everyone involved. It can also help to avoid stressful conflict that can hurt children that are involved with the relationship. 

Divorce – We can assist you with filing in the Court of King’s Bench for a divorce as well as all associated considerations or issues arising from your marriage. 

Separation Agreements – If a marriage or common law partnership breaks down, we can assist you and your former partner or spouse in reaching an agreement that lays out terms between the parties following the separation. We take a client-centred approach to separation agreements while providing advice on how a court would likely look at areas of conflict. Our aim is always to attempt to settle separation agreements as efficiently as possible while reaching our client’s goals so that you can get on with your life. 

Child Custody and Access – Child custody and access can be one of the most emotionally difficult, stressful, and exhausting issues following a divorce or separation. Our experience in child custody and access issues, in addition, our extensive experience with children’s law through our work with institutional child protection clients allows us to advise you appropriately on your custody and access situation. We attempt to help our clients find a solution that puts the best interests of their children first. 

Child Support – Child support payments and the Federal Child Support Guidelines are an area of the law which can be confusing or difficult to understand without the help of a lawyer. We are experienced in determining the appropriate amount of money a spouse should be paying, and advising you in an honest, straightforward way about what you should expect to either pay or receive as a custodial parent. We have extensive experience in representing both payors and recipients of child support. 

Spousal Support – Like child support, spousal support is frequently the subject of confusion, misinformation, and misunderstanding. The services of a lawyer can help to provide some clarity regarding spousal support law. Our firm has extensive experience representing both payors and recipients of spousal support. 

Family Property – One of the most difficult questions immediately following a divorce or separation relates to dividing family property that has been bought or acquired during the relationship. Who gets the house? Who gets the car? Who gets the cabin my parents gave to us? For common law spouses, there are other questions about how long partners must be living together before any requirement to divide property is even established in law. We can help you navigate through the division of family property following a divorce or separation.

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Litigation & Mediation

Feist Flanagan Law has lawyers ready to advise our clients on matters requiring litigation or mediation. We serve clients of all types and sizes, including corporate and individual clients. Give us a call now to set up an appointment or ask your legal questions. 

Major Claims – Aside from no fault insurance claims, you can contact our firm if you have suffered a loss, or believe there is compensation due to you because of an injury, death, accident, damage to property, or other cause of action that happened as a result of someone else’s actions or inaction. In Saskatchewan, major claims currently include those respecting any instance where the amount claimed is greater than the monetary limit outlined in Saskatchewan regulations. We can also defend you in a claim someone is making against you. 

Small Claims – If you have suffered damage to property, an accident, or any other cause of action that happened due to someone else’s actions or inactions we can assist you in filing a claim in small claims court. Small claims include any civil court actions where the amount being claimed falls below the monetary limit included in Saskatchewan regulations. We can also defend you against a claim someone is making against you. 

Demands – Demands are letters which can be written by lawyers to avoid expensive litigation in court. For example, imagine if your neighbours are doing renovations on their house, and construction on their property causes the destruction of your fence. You try talking to your neighbours, but they refuse to take responsibility. You could go to small claims court and initiate an action, but a cheaper option might be to have a lawyer send a demand to your neighbours stating that their construction caused the damage. The letter would also demand payment for the cost of the fence, repair of the fence, or replacement of the fence. Demands often results in a more efficient solution that is much less expensive than undertaking litigation. They can be used in a wide variety of situations to attempt to negotiate a solution between parties. 

Mediation – Our firm’s experience in dealing with civil litigation has prepared us to effectively participate in mediation along with our clients. We are able to help you work through a mediation in a way that ensures your goals are met. We can assist clients throughout all stages of a mediation process from preparation to actually attending a mediation session and acting for our clients during negotiations. 

Conference Seating

Administrative & Municipal Law

Contact our office's administrators to set up an appointment or ask a question about our services respecting administrative of municipal matters.

Tribunal Matters – If you find yourself dealing with a decision of a Government department that seems unreasonable or incorrect, we can help you to navigate the process of appealing the decision. We can also assist by representing you at administrative tribunals in the province of Saskatchewan. For example, our lawyers can provide consultation and advocacy for matters before the Office of Residential Tenancies, the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, disciplinary professional boards, Grievance Boards, Ombudsmen, the Immigration and Refugee Board, educational institutions, etc. 

Solicitor for Urban and Rural Municipalities – We act for several municipalities and can assist urban and rural municipalities with a broad range of solicitor work involving transactions, contracts for tender, the drafting of bylaws, and other legislative matters. 

Solicitor for Regional Parks – Our firm can assist in establishing and undertaking any legal administration with regard to regional parks.

Bylaw Violations – We can assist in helping to navigate bylaws and associated fines or legal actions. Our firm can assist your rural municipality, town, or city in drafting effective and enforceable bylaws. We have also represented municipalities and accused violators of bylaws in bylaw enforcement matters. Contact our office to set up an appointment or ask a question about our bylaw services.

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Child & Family Service Law

Consultation & Representation 

Our firm has extensive experience with governmental and Indigenous child and family services agencies throughout northwest and west-central Saskatchewan. We are available for consultation on policy or legal matters relating to this work where no conflict of interest is apparent. Due to conflict concerns we normally refer parties who are not government/Indigenous government actors seeking assistance to another office.  Contact our office to set up an appointment or ask a question about our work with child and family services law in the Province of Saskatchewan.

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Agricultural Law and Farm Property

Security & Longevity

Agriculture is a highly regulated industry in most jurisdictions--Saskatchewan being no exception. Historically, governments have intervened in agriculture under the pretext of ensuring stability in both the agriculture and consumer communities. It is because of this intervention, Agricultural Law is often considered the law of exceptions. 

With personal ties to the agricultural community, Feist Flanagan Law has been advising clients on a variety of family farm property matters. Handling everything from agricultural real estate, refinancing, equipment security, and home quarter protection issues, we understand issues important to farmers and the broader agricultural community.

Contact our office's administrators to set up an appointment or ask a question about our services involving the agricultural community. 


Other Practice Areas

Criminal Law, Traffic Matters & Judgement Enforcement

Criminal Law – Our firm continues to maintain a practice in the area of criminal law. If you find yourself facing criminal charges, we are able to provide representation at all levels of criminal court in Saskatchewan.

Traffic Matters – If you are being accused of causing an accident for which you weren’t responsible, or have been issued a ticket or citation that you want to challenge in court, our office can provide assistance and representation to you in traffic court. 

Judgement Enforcement – If you are the subject of a court judgement, or have unpaid child support, unpaid spousal support or any other money judgement outstanding in your name, we can help you to have the judgement enforced through the appropriate office or protect you from aggressive collection. 

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